Your new plant-based Barley Milk

Dairy alternatives don’t have to be boring, basic, and bland.


We’ve kept it real with just


Barley Milk (Water, Barley, Barley Malt)
Sunflower Extract
Calcium Carbonate
Pink Himalayan Salt
Vegan Vitamin D3

*Contains: Gluten (from barley)

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How we stack up against 2% milk

  • 50%Less Sugar*
  • 2XMore Calcium*
  • 2xVitamin D3*
  • 100%Plant Based
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We believe healthier is bad ass and we exist to be unapologetically better. We strive to always provide plant-based products that are focused on quality, nutritional value and sustainability.

About US

In 2021, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Coors Barley Program, which partners with over 700 American Barley Farmers. The program’s goal is to help farmers future-proof their crops, reduce water usage, and ensure barley supplies are sustainable.

The Barley produced is always non-GMO and is often referred to as “High Elevation Barley” due to it being grown in the Rocky Mountain West, running up to 7,500 feet in elevation with the warm days and cool nights yielding a premium quality barley that gives Golden Wing® it’s rich texture and distinctive taste.

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