Plant-Based Barley Milk

Golden Wing®

Dairy alternatives don’t have to be boring, basic and bland. Overpriced yoga leggings, routine liquid breakfasts and pristine white marble kitchens have long been synonymous with plant-based milks. Well move over oat, soy and almond… barley is in the house. We believe that you shouldn’t need to own a yoga mat to enjoy the great benefits of plant-based milk, so we created Golden Wing® to show you the bold and badass side to it all.

Before you go thinking
"Great, another new trend",
Let us tell you a story of a time long, long ago.

Roman gladiators were nicknamed ‘horderarii’, AKA “Barley Men” due to their heavily plant-based diet made up of primarily… you guessed it, barley. These larger than life, highly trained, macho warriors were celebrated for their skills and courage as they battled for fame and glory. With the ability to slay thousands with just a single blow, only the strongest survived and went on to achieve hero status.

While Golden Wing® may not give you the ability to battle hordes of large warriors, it will give you a tasty alternative to both dairy and non-dairy milk that you can consume confidently knowing the limited amount of ingredients that go into every carton. We carefully source the highest quality, non-GMO barley from the Coors Barley Program and fortify it with Vegan Vitamin D3 to bring you a great-tasting dairy alternative that will remind you of your favorite childhood malt milkshake.

So get loud and be bold. Show the world your barley milk ‘stache. Proudly raise your Golden Wing® to breaking stereotypes and no longer needing to squeeze into those leggings. But most of all, enjoy!

Established in 1946, the Coors Barley Program partners with over 700 American barley farmers. The Program's goal is to help farmers future-proof their crops, reduce water usage, and ensure barley supplies are sustainable.

The Barley produced is always non-GMO and is often referred to as "High Elevation Barley" due to it being grown in the Rocky Mountain West, running up to 7500 feet in elevation with the warm days and cool nights yielding a premium quality barley that gives Golden Wing® its rich texture and distinctive taste.

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