Plant - Based

Barley Milk - 6 Pack

Your new plant based barley milk. Dairy alternatives don't have to be boring, basic, and bland. It’s like drinking milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl. Who doesn’t love that?

With plant based barley milk's rich texture and naturally slightly sweetened profile with only 5 ingredients, you’ll find yourself adding this bad boy in your morning joe, pouring it over your favorite cereal or just chugging it back like the beast you are.

We believe healthier is bad ass and we exist to be unapologetically better. We strive to always provide plant-based products that focus on quality nutritional value and sustainability.

50% Less Sugar*
2X More Calcium*
2X Vitamin D3*
100% Plant-Based

*1 cup of 2% milk contains 12g sugar, 5mcg Vitamin D3, and 300mg calcium

$30.00 USD

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