• Food Dive

    "Golden Wing has one major attribute that sets it apart... Unlike other products that typically use upcycled barley left over after making beer, ...
  • ComicBook

    "The non-dairy milk alternative category has been growing rapidly and now Molson Coors, the maker of iconic beers such as Coors Light and Miller ...
  • VegNews

    "Coors enters the plant-based milk industry with Golden Wing, a vegan barley milk with a malty sweetness."
  • Tasting Table

    "When you think about cracking open a cold one with the boys," it's pretty unlikely that you have plant-based milk in mind. But Molson Coors is a...
  • Food Business News

    '...Barley-based milk alternatives also could serve as alternatives for consumers allergic to nuts and soy..."
  • Mashed

    "One important point can't be stated enough, though: Golden Wing is non-alcoholic. So, you can pour it guilt-free into your morning bowl of cerea...
  • VinePair

    "As the name suggests, Golden Wing differs from other plant-based milks on the market by straying away from the more traditional types of milk al...
  • Food & Wine

    "Coors Light and Miller Lite maker Molson Coors has brought a barley milk to market."
  • Vegetarian Times

    "Unlike Take Two’s product, which up cycles spent grain after the brewing process, Golden Wing uses new grains sourced specifically for the produ...

    "While the thought of Coors making milk products is as left field as it gets for anyone, we have to realize that their expertise and knowledge of...
  • Bevnet

    "It’s an excellent product. This might be an odd thing to say, but I was actually a little surprised at how good it is."
  • VegOut Magazine

    32 New Vegan Products We Discovered at the Winter Fancy Food Show VegOut Magazine

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